Invention of sustainability 300 years ago by German forestry

In 2013, German forestry celebrates the 300 years anniversary of the invention and establishment of the concept of sustainability. Since then, forests in Germany have been managed under highest sustainability standards by international comparison. Based on sustainability in forestry, the principle of sustainability has been established in various areas of business and society, for example, in the context of sustainable or green building.

Teaching assignment on wood industry and forestry at the University of Applied Sciences of Aachen

In the context of the continued work of WOOD GERMANY for the State Forest Service of North Rhine-Westphalia, in 2013, Dr. Thorsten Mrosek contributes to a course at the University of Applied Sciences of Aachen in Germany. In 2010, the Faculty of Engineering established the new study program “Wood Engineering”. Within this program, for the State Forest Service of North Rhine-Westphalia offers the course “Wood industry and forestry”. As Head of the Wood Competence Center of Rhineland (Holzkompetenzzentrum Rheinland), Dr. Thorsten Mrosek belongs to the founding members of the “Aachen Circle of Supporters of Wood Engineers” (Aachener Freundeskreis der Holzingenieure).

Innovative hardwood products from Germany

Major product innovation has taken place in the area of wood construction based on hardwood and hybrid products. The beech and hybrid glulam have been developed and successfully applied in construction projects. The German wood engineering companies Hess Timber GmbH & Co KG and Schaffitzel & Miebach Faszination Brücken GmbH are both offering high-end and innovative wood construction solutions based on hardwood and hybrid glulam, for example. Other innovative hardwood products include LVL for construction, thermally modified beech for exterior applications such as cladding, decking and garden furniture, laminated plywood shapes for furniture production, as well as laminated compressed wood for special applications such as components for car and aeroplane interiors.

Innovative hardwood products from Germany
Bridge specialist Schaffitzel + Miebach joins WOOD GERMANY

The marketing platform WOOD GERMANY welcomes another innovative and globally active timber engineering company - Schaffitzel + Miebach – Faszination Brücken GmbH.

Innovative concepts and design solutions - the company develops, designs and implements unique building structures with its own internal statics and design office. Schaffitzel + Miebach specialises design engineering, project planning and the implementation of wood bridge structures - an area in which the company is the European leader. With innovations such as wood-concrete composite construction and quality standards, the company does its part in promoting modern wood bridge construction.

WOOD GERMANY continues its work for the North Rhine - Westphalia timber industry

Due to a very successful cooperative relationship that goes back to 2010, WOOD GERMANY will be continuing its work for the timber industry in North Rhine - Westphalia, the federal state with Germany's most important industry cluster of the timber and forestry industry. WOOD GERMANY manages the Rheinland timber competence centre for Landesbetrieb Wald und Holz Nordrhein-Westfalen, and also supports the timber industry segment. Its activities include the provision of advisory services and support for the areas cluster and network management, marketing and public relations work, the acquisition of new projects and project management, studies and cooperative arrangements. It also focuses on providing technical services to the HolzCluster.Eifel project funded by the state government of North Rhine - Westphalia and the European union.

German Softwood Network participates in WOOD GERMANY

The German Softwood Network GmbH (GSN) is a participant in the WOOD GERMANY marketing platform. GSN is an alliance of sawmills, wood finishing operations and timber construction companies in the Sauerland region of North Rhine Westphalia.
The nine operations of this network offer a wide range of service under the GSN umbrella, and hence represent a large part of the production and value chain for wood processing. Services offered range from the production of high-quality softwood products and finishing to structural solid wood products such as KVH and glued-laminated timber as well as technical joining up to the planning and technical implementation of contemporary timber construction.

Teaching assignment on cluster management in the forestry and timber industry of south-eastern Europe

In June 2011, Dr. Thorsten Mrosek, CEO of WOOD GERMANY, undertook a teaching assignment at the University of Belgrade on the topic of cluster management in the forestry and wood industry in the countries of south-eastern Europe. This course is a part of the "Forest Policy and Economics" master's programme and the international cooperation project "FOPER (Forest Policy and Economics Education and Research)". The project is managed by the European Forestry Institute and counts the University of United Nations among its cooperation partners.

Participation in LIGNA 2011

At the request of a customer, WOOD GERMANY participated in this year's LIGNA, the global trade fair for the forestry and timber industry, for the ”Landesbetrib Wald und Holz NRW”.
The trade fair was held from 30 May to 3 June 2011 in Hanover, and featured numerous events in addition to an extensive exhibition area.
With 1,765 exhibitors from 52 countries (approx. 130,000 square metres of exhibition space) and more than 90,000 visitors from more than 90 countries, LIGNA 2011 was again a great success this year.

Media presence at internationally leading trade fairs

WOOD GERMANY has highlighted the performance of the German timber industry as well as the quality of its products and services in leading international trade magazines. The articles were published in the editions for important internationally leading trade fairs such as WOODSHOW in Dubai / UAE, DELHIWOOD in New Delhi / India or BUDMA in Posen / Poland.  For the British market, the renowned Timber Trades Journal published an article on the current developments in the timber industry and central timber marketing in Germany.