Advantages of wood

Wood is an important renewable resource with many different advantages and applications - as a high-performance building material, multi-purpose working material and innovative energy carrier.

In the design area, wood convinces by virtue of its considerable technical performance and reliability. It offers a wide variety of design options for architects and engineers, and features a high degree of cost efficiency. In addition, innovative timber designs create buildings with the highest levels of energy efficiency.

When it comes to interior design and the production of furniture, wood provides ample opportunity for creative designs and high-quality furnishings. Its diverse application possibilities range from wear-resistant wood floors to modern kitchen furnishings. Consumers particularly value wood's comfortable atmosphere, which contributes to a high degree of living quality and quality of life.

As compared to non-renewable resources and materials, wood has a number of significant advantages: wood products are environmentally friendly, contribute to climate protection in their role as carbon reservoirs, and they can be recycled.

Unlike any other material, wood can also be used towards sustainable building and living arrangements that set the trend for the future.

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