About us

WOOD GERMANY is the new international B2B marketing platform of the German timber and forestry industry.

The platform provides information on the performance and numerous application areas of modern and high-quality finished wood products, as well as the options offered by innovative timber engineering.

Many important export-oriented companies and institutions of the German timber and forestry industry can be found at WOOD GERMANY.

In his role as CEO of WOOD GERMANY, Dr. Thorsten Mrosek aims to increase the international profile of the numerous application areas and advantages offered by modern wood products from sustainable forestry management. In this vein, his focus is on highlighting the significance of a high-performance, renewable and environmentally- and climate-friendly material such as wood, and to emphasise the future potential of this material for sustained development.

Dr. Thorsten Mrosek studied forestry sciences at Goettingen university and received his doctorate from the University of Toronto. In addition to his activities for WOOD GERMANY, he also works on scientific issues related to the forestry and timber industry topic cluster at Muenster university. Dr. Mrosek managed international marketing for the former timber promotion fund, and also managed the GERMANTIMBER marketing programme.