Wooden work materials

Modern wooden work material for use in the construction area and furniture production include e.g. OSB boards, particle boards, fibreboards, form plywood and veneer boards. Wooden work materials are made from sawn timber, veneer, wood chips, wood strips or wood fibre, binding agents and other ingredients. Wooden work materials are homogenous products with technically optimised properties.

OSB boards are multi-layer boards for use as supporting structures, particularly as bracing walls and ceiling planking in wood construction. OSB boards are produced from long wood ships, whereby the chips in the cover and centre layer are configured in a certain way.

Particle boards are multi-layer boards. They generally consist of three to five layers and are used for furniture and building elements. They have a high degree of form stability and offer a variety of different surface finishing options. They are available in raw form and coated with different plastic decor and real wood veneers. Different sizes of wood chips are glued and pressed to make particle boards.

Plywood is a wooden work material that consists of a minimum of three glued wood layers that are offset by 90 degrees. This material is used in interior furnishings, furniture manufacture and special applications, such as car manufacturing. Because of its higher stability notwithstanding its thin cross-section, plywood offers a variety of design options.