Application areas of wood


Wood can be used as a building material, work material and energy carrier.

Modern wood products allow for the creation of designs that feature a high degree of technical quality and are architecturally demanding. In the residential building area, for example, wood is used to build highly energy-efficient single or multi-storey buildings. In the commercial and industrial building segment, the use of modern solid wood products and work materials creates sophisticated and representative multi-storey buildings, as well as far-spanning roof and hall structures. Wood-based building methods also offer the ideal prerequisite for the implementation of special structures such as bridges and towers.

Überwachungsgemeinschaft Konstruktionsvollholz e.V.Überwachungsgemeinschaft Konstruktionsvollholz e.V.A wide variety of wood products are used in the interior design segment - for example, resistant flooring, sophisticated wall and ceiling claddings, or for doors and windows.

Modern solid wood products and work materials are also in demand as materials used to create attractive and long-lasting furniture, e.g. home furniture, built-in kitchens and office furnishings.

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Wood and wood products are also used e.g. in outside areas and gardens, boat construction and the manufacture of wooden tools, wooden toys and musical instruments.

In the energy area, the use of wood products is particularly relevant when it comes to modern pellet and wood chip facilities.

Production innovations for this area include thermo-wood, liquid wood, wood-plastics compounds and BtL (bio mass to liquid) fuels.